5 places I want to go

It is no secret that I really love to travel!
I feel best when I know where the next vacation is, and where we are going.

I have found some places/countries I really like to visit in the future.

New York
I think almost all people that haven’t been in New York, want to go. It’s just a place I have to go, and as sooner as better. I really want to experience New York! The Empire State Building, all the skyscrapers, central park, The Statue of Liberty, Times Square and I could continue on things I want to see in New York.
I’m a big fan of Gossip Girl, so I diffidently have to see some of the places from the series.

I really want to go to California. Discover Hollywood, Los Angeles, Newport Beach, California Beach and so on. I want to see Golden-gate bridge, San Francisco Bay, Universal Studios Hollywood, experience some of the Nationals Parks and beaches.
I’m a big fan of The O.C., so I also want to see some of the places from the series.

I have been to Australia for 2 months, 4,5 year ago, and I diffidently want to go back. I only went to the east coast last time. The next time I want to go to the west coast, south coast and of cause the middle. I want to see Uluru or Ayres Rock, Perth, Adelaide, Penguins Island, and I could continue on things I want to se in Australia. I diffidently also want to see some of the things at the east coast again, among other The Whitsundays Islands, Sydney, Great Ocean Road (not on the east coast, but still wanna go there again), Bondi Beach and yeah I just want to go there again.

Stunning beaches, cold drinks, tan, Palms, do I have to say more?
Actually I don’t know a lot about Bali, I just know I want to go there. I want to see some of the Monkey parks, see some of the Temples, and just relax at the beautiful white beaches.

The Maldives
I want to stay at one of the resorts, that is placed in the middle of the water, where there only are small bridges between the cabins. I want to go diving and see all the beautiful fishes and corals. I just want to get the atmosphere you see on the pictures from the Maldives. The crystal blue and clear water, the blue sky that has another blue color then normal. The Maldives just looks amazing.

I hope you enjoy reading about my vacay dreams and maybe you got inspired to go somewhere.



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