Moving to our suite

This is the next post about our Tenerife trip.
You can see the first post from our holiday here.

January 1

Woke up a bit late with a little hangover.

Actually this was a pretty boring day, we were sitting on the balcony most of the day, getting a little sun and just relaxed. In the evening we went to Los Christianos to get some food, we ate at a Indian restaurant, really good food.

January 2

Early up, and off to Siam Park! It is a big waterpark with a lot of slides and big pools. Actually I don’t like water that much, and especially not in my face, so I was a bit skeptical. It turned out to be really fun. We were starting off at the big pool, and later on we tried some of the waterslides where you had to be on floats, both singles or pairs, and finished at the big pool again.

In the evening we went to Los Christianos, and get some dinner. We ate at a steakhouse called Taurus, and the steaks were so good.

January 3

Christian’s parents had a day off, so we went to an animal park called Loro Parque. They have a lot of animal shows, it’s incredible what animals can do. We went for a Killer whale show, Dolphin show, Sealions show and a Bird show. We ate both lunch and dinner at the park and went home about 7 pm.

January 4

Christian woke up in the middle of the night and had to throw up. We think he got a food poison, so actually we spend the most of the day at the apartment.
Or almost all day, cause we had to pick up our car at the airport. We got a almost new Citroën DS3.
When we got back home and I went to the pool to get a little tan, while Christian was sleeping.

In the evening we went to Christian’s parents restaurant to say hi, walked a little in Los Christianos and went back home to get something to eat.

January 5

Last day at Christians parents apartment.
We slept to 10.30 am, and got our stuff packed, cause we had to be at the hotel a 2 pm.
When we arrived, we got a free glass of champagne while they told us some of the exclusive thing that are included in our stay cause we have a suite.
Pictures from the suite and the hotel will come in the next post.



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